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Pallets 800 * 1200
  • Pallets 800 * 1200
  • Pallets 800 * 1200
  • Pallets 800 * 1200
  • Pallets 800 * 1200

Pallets 800 * 1200

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Brand:Демченко, СПД
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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With the help of pallets can move and store large goods and goods with special equipment, and manually. For safety and for convenience goods secured special tape, and for imparting maximum strength structure is wrapped in shrink film. This design allows to deliver and store manufactured goods, without fear for the preservation of their integrity.

The main features of pallets:

  • The upper part of the deck consists of four longitudinal edging boards, one of which is wide and the other narrow, on the order of.
  • Product stability is ensured by the presence of the bottom nine strong "sticks", forming a stable base.
  • Using Euro pallets can be appropriate not only for the movement and storage of goods, of which you can create a robust flooring in warehouses, which will prevent wetting and damage.
  • Pallet has a fairly long life through the use of dense wood species which are subject to strict control.
  • Pallets retain their properties even in case of minor damage in the form of chipping, cracking unsolved, darkening and soiling.

Purchase of pallets, repair, manufacture and sale quickly and efficiently produces SPD Demchenko.

Brand:Демченко, СПД
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type of pallet:Double faced
Kind of pallet:Europalet
Type on the input capture capabilities:Four-way
Size of Pallet: 800*1200 mm
Information is up-to-date: 28.01.2022

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